Don't miss your (very good) chance at today's drawing!

Oct 30 2007 Published by under Kids and science, Philanthropy

As this is published (about 10 AM Eastern time) there are two hours left before the noon deadline for the last of the drawings for T-shirts, books, mugs, and subscriptions to Seed to thank you for your donation to our DonorChoose Blogger Challenge.
All you have to do is make a donation to one (or more) of those challenges, then forward your email confirmation from DonorsChoose to I'm told that at present, the chances for each entrant in the drawing of being drawn for a prize are very, very good.
Haven't made a donation yet? Here are three challenges that are within $100 of meeting their goals. Wrap them up and get your chance at a nice reward from Seed:
Aetiology needs $24
On Being a Scientist and a Woman needs $83
The Questionable Authority needs $88
The clock's ticking -- why are you still here?

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  • ctenotrish, FCD says:

    Thanks again for all your posts about the Donor's Choose challenge! I just returned from a conference to find a lovely set of sprog art on my desk - and the starfish and ctenophore are just what I hoped for. 🙂 Just made a last minute donation to Aetiology to round out her 2K goal. I hope your readers pitch in to do the same for you! Good luck, and please thank the sprogs again for me. I am delighted with their drawings. Cheers, ctenotrish.