Passion quilt: a meme for teachers.

More than a month ago William the Coroner tagged me. It is not just that I am slow; this meme is challenging!
Not mush, methodology.


A surprising number of people seem to think being ethical amounts to not being an inherently evil person.
I am passionate about teaching my students that making ethical decisions involves moving beyond gut feelings and instincts. It means understanding how your decisions impact others, and considering the ways your interests and theirs intersect. It means thinking through possible impacts of the various choices available to you. It means understanding the obligations set up by our relations to others in personal and professional contexts.
But methodology for approaching ethical decision making can be taught. Practice in making ethical decisions makes it easier to make better decisions. And making these decisions in conversation with other people who may have different perspectives (rather than just following a gut feeling) forces us to work out our reasons for preferring one course of action to the alternatives.
Post a picture or make/take/create your own that captures what YOU are most passionate for students to learn about.
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  • Jeff Chamberlain says:

    May I ask a question about the substance of your "passion?" (Really, a question, not a criticism.)
    I'm interested in a resource explaining why "making ethical decisions involves moving beyond gut feelings and instincts."

  • P.D. says:

    I confess that this was hard for me. I'm not entirely happy with my contribution, but I've done it.