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Friday Sprog Blogging: evidence of science.

May 28 2010 Published by under Kids and science

Jet-lag and grading fatigue (plus being on the other coast for three days) mean that I haven't had much time lately to sit down with the sprogs and have a conversation about science. However, Casa Free-Ride presents me with clues which suggest that the Free-Ride offspring have been thinking about science.

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Ethics case study: science goes to the dogs.

I want to apologize for the infrequency of my posting lately. Much of it can be laid at the feet of end-of-term grading, although today I've been occupied with a meeting of scientists at different career stages to which I was invited to speak about some topics I discuss here. (More about that later.) June will have more substantive ethics-y posts, honest!
Indeed, to tide you over, I want to ask for your responses to a case study I wrote for the final exam for my "Ethics in Science" class.
First, the case:

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Rabbit update: the great outdoors.

May 21 2010 Published by under Critters, Personal

When last we checked in with Snowflake Free-Ride, our intrepid white rabbit had not yet found the courage to venture all the way to the end of the drawbridge from her hutch.
Well, on Tuesday, Snowflake got the bunny equivalent of a screened porch. This seems to have been enough to convince her to come on out.


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Friday Sprog Blogging: science in pictures and words.

May 21 2010 Published by under Kids and science

The Free-Ride offspring have been wary of extended conversations with me lately (maybe since most of them eventually come around to, "Surely you'd like to help your mother grade these papers!"). However, I was able to extract some pictorial evidence that each of them has been thinking about science.
From the younger Free-Ride offspring, some basic things you ought to know about phases of matter:

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Teaching and testing (or, your philosophy on final exams).

Since finals are nearly upon us here (and since I'm not quite ready to face the next stack of papers that needs grading), I got to wondering how other academics feel about when the final exam ought to be written and why.
So, a quick poll:

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Friday Sprog Blogging: grading.

The Free-Ride offspring are pretty sure what I do for a living is grade papers. But seeing as how they're both students, I thought I'd ask what the view of things is like on the other side of the red pen.
Dr. Free-Ride: When you come in and find me working on the weekend, what am I usually working on?
Younger offspring: Grading?
Dr. Free-Ride: Yeah. I know that you do a lot of homework and assignments.
Younger offspring: Mmm-hmm.
Dr. Free-Ride: And your teacher grades them.
Younger offspring: No! We correct them together.
Dr. Free-Ride: You correct it all together?
Younger offspring: Yeah. She doesn't really look at them.
Dr. Free-Ride: What?

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Random bullets of rabbit update.

May 13 2010 Published by under Critters, Personal

We continue to get to know Snowflake Free-Ride, and she us.


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Repent! The end (of the semester) is nigh!

Yeah, still grading here. Yesterday I returned mass quantities of graded papers (with a free paperclip for every student!) and have another assignment to grade today ... just in time for two more assignments which come due tomorrow. And then, the final exam!
Ever the optimist, this morning in the shower I wondered how things would turn out if the Rapture were to happen while I'm in the midst of all this grading. It's the kind of hypothetical that demands a poll:

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An open letter

May 08 2010 Published by under Academia, Passing thoughts, Personal

... to the elder Free-Ride offspring's trumpet teacher.
While I am generally accepting of your choices as far as the pieces you are having my child learn how to play, I have a small bone to pick with you this evening.

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Friday Sprog Blogging: the bunny has landed.

May 07 2010 Published by under Critters, Kids and science

This week, the Free-Ride family welcomed a new member.


Snowflake Free-Ride (who also goes by Notorious B.U.N.) is a 9-month old New Zealand White rabbit who we adopted on Tuesday. She is cute, fluffy, and big (nearly 5 kg). And, she seems to be adjusting to life at Casa Free-Ride.

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