Friday Sprog Blogging: please stand by.

Dr. Free-Ride is pinned down in committee meetings for a while.

There will be a conversation with the Free-Ride offspring posted later today. In the meantime, here are whiteboard traces of a science-y conversation the sprogs had recently with Dr. Free-Ride's better half.

On our whiteboard

Yeah, I find the "sand" thing worrisome, too.

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  • josie says:

    I think Dr. Free-Ride's BH suffered from "suggestive thinking" on that one. The Na and the Cl could look a bit like "N" and "D". Reminds me of this exam wherein on one question, students were asked to draw all possible stereoisomers for 1,3-dibromocyclopentane, and on the next question, to draw the structure of (3S)-3-methylhexane. Guess how many drew a cyclopentane ring on the second question.

  • Jupe Blue says:

    Maybe they were thinking "sodium = silica = sand = salt". I can see the alliterative connection.