Friday Sprog Blogging: outside of a rabbit.

Sep 24 2010 Published by under Critters, Kids and science

Outside of a rabbit, a book is a sprog's best friend. Inside of a rabbit, it's too dark to read.*

The elder Free-Ride offspring has been spending the majority of free moments with Snowflake Free-Ride, a New Zealand White rabbit. Today, the elder Free-Ride offspring presented me with a sketch of Snowflake, labeled with her parts:

External Rabbit Anatomy

Do you get the feeling that the elder Free-Ride offspring has observed this rabbit from many angles?

Rabbit detail 1

Coming and going?

Rabbit detail 3

Yeah, me too.

Rabbit detail 2

Dr. Free-Ride: Do you have any interest in drawing the internal anatomy of a rabbit.

Elder offspring: (with a look of disbelief) No.

Dr. Free-Ride: I didn't mean of Snowflake's internal anatomy!

Elder offspring: OK.

Dr. Free-Ride: I mean, I think you might find it fascinating. We could probably find some rabbit anatomical diagrams online.

Elder offspring: I just ate a quesadilla twenty minutes ago. Maybe after school.

Rabbit detail 4
*Clearly, I'm ripping off Groucho Marx here, although he said it with a dog and a man. (And with glasses and a mustache, neither of which I am sporting at the moment.)

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