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Feb 03 2011 Published by under Academia, Personal, Teaching and learning

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My "To do by 9:00 AM" list today:

  1. Nag students who received add codes to actually use them to add the course.
  2. Nag students who haven't logged in to the online course to do so, stat! (Or, if they plan to drop the course, to do that ASAP.)
  3. Figure out the lag time between official university enrollment in the course that is online and the "rebuild" enrollment updates are supposed to trigger in the online course shell that lets enrolled students access the online course.
  4. Email 28 students who want add codes to tell them that at this moment I don't have space for them.

It's a good thing the actual teaching is fun, because this other stuff is manifestly not fun.

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  • HP says:

    Well, the post is a little short of identifiable field marks, but is it Dendragapus canadensis ssp. franklinii?

  • Are you using a WebCT or a Blackboard system for your online class?

    • Janet D. Stemwedel says:

      We're actually using Desire2Learn -- the committee that was evaluating what to get as our contract with Blackboard drew to a close decided it was best as far as accessibility issues and its integration of Web 2.0 thingies.

      I figure that by the time I get really good with Desire2Learn, the campus will switch to a new platform and I'll have to learn everything all over again.

      • samantha says:

        D2L is a nightmare, at least from a student perspective. I never thought I'd miss Blackboard. My institution is migrating over as well. I'm not entirely convinced the whole reason D2L got the contract isn't because the marketing/sales rep didn't have better swag or something.