Friday Sprog Blogging: choosing sides.

Feb 25 2011 Published by under Kids and science

The Free-Ride offspring have been hunkered down with their school work (not to mention wondering whether their soccer practices this week will be called off due to ... snow?), but they took the time to dash off some drawings to suggest where the parts of their minds devoted to science are lately.

The younger Free-Ride offspring followed radio reports of Watson and its wild success on Jeopardy.

Bender versus Watson

Regular readers may recall that the younger Free-Ride offspring is a fan of Bender. Naturally, therefore, the younger Free-Ride offspring would like to see Bender face off against Watson. Verily, the younger Free-Ride offspring would like to see Bender crush Watson in a battle of artificial intellects.

We are still searching for the Jeopardy category where this is likely to happen. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, the elder Free-Ride offspring contemplates the science fair, and imagines more active participation from the proposed animal subject:

Snowflake versus the Internets

In the picture, Snowflake is reading what some yahoo has apparently written on the internet: "... Which proves that bunnies could never understand the importance of science."

Snowflake's response (which I can only imagine was preceded by a snort): "My big fluffy bunny butt."

(It would appear that Snowflake is clutching an Eppendorf tube in her left forepaw.)

If it does snow here this weekend, we'll check back in to share the apocalypse with you.

3 responses so far

  • mod.cur says:

    I'd suggest anything alcohol related, like Potent Potables, Bender should be able to clean Watson's clock in that category.

  • I am inexplicably impressed with your youngest's drawing of a rabbit. I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever.

  • tonylurker says:

    Any category would allow Bender to win, because Bender would find a way to cheat.

    he could steal or interfere with Watson's memory system, or acquire the questions and answers in advance, or get the Robot mafia to help him fix the match.