Friday Sprog Blogging: one of *those* Fridays.

Mar 04 2011 Published by under Kids and science

This week's sprog blog will be delayed on account of the younger Free-Ride offspring had so much school work to do last night, and then again early this morning, that you'd think the kid was trying to get a grant proposal submitted. (A salient difference is that probably most grant proposals submitted to NSF or NIH don't require the use of a hot glue gun.)

Anyhow, given that the most recent discussions with the younger Free-Ride offspring have focused on time management (see above) and have involved more gnashing of teeth than witty repartee, this is your chance to weigh in on what conversation I should have, with either or both of the Free-Ride offspring, and then report here on the blog before the weekend is out.

Some possible contenders:

  • The younger Free-Ride offspring's ideas for science fair projects. There's been some discussion about figuring out a clever experiment to measure the limits of successful multitasking (at least in the population at Casa Free-Ride). Limits of memory (and especially, what kinds of things are most readily forgotten -- project due dates, I'm looking at you) might also be a possibility. Otherwise the younger Free-Ride offspring wants to grow mold.
  • The elder Free-Ride offspring will be starting junior high next school year (yikes!). This means that Dr. Free-Ride's better half went to the parent orientation at the junior high and was given a booklet on how to keep your kids safe (from cyberbullying, sexting, and the like) online. Within our draconian house limits on screentime, the elder Free-Ride offspring manages to be online a lot. I imagine this 11-year-old netizen may have some interesting views on the perspectives presented in the booklet.
  • We could also talk about why the sprogs never help me grade papers.

Sorry for the delay. We'll get you some sproggy goodness before the next work week starts.

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