An open letter

May 03 2011 Published by under Communication, Mailbag, Passing thoughts

To the large multinational company trying to interest me in blogging about a "fun" story from its "sponsored news-site":

It's not that I really begrudge you your effort to get something (more eyeballs on a website that puts your company and its research in the most flattering light) for nothing. Hell, people at my day job try to get me to add value to their agendas while providing no return for me All. The. Time.

I put that down to human nature (even though, as a multinational corporation, you are an individual in only the most strained and legalistic sense).

However, when you pester me to do so in multiple emails, identical but for the persons identified as their senders, you actually make me even less likely to do your thinly-disguised greenwashing bidding.

Also? I'm unlikely to do any free shilling for your huge-profit-making corporation in a world where you persist in paying no taxes.


Dr. Free-Ride

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  • Jeremy Kahn says:

    I don't know who the panderer is (though I have a general idea), but good for you for saying no (or at least "I will not be bought 'for the exposure'; you'll have to try harder").