Want to play BINGO?

Apropos of some of the talk around the 'tubes, it's possible that you may be in the mood for a game of BINGO.

You came to the right place.


These are "Blogging Science While Female" cards, but in a pinch they work pretty well in a "Being Female in Science" BINGO game.

You are invited to download the PDF here.

Or, if you'd like a set of 6 cards printed on nice card-stock, I will send you some for a donation of $1 (or more) to my DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students giving page. Just email me (dr dot freeride at gmail dot com) with the snail mail address to which you'd like them sent (and the name under which you made your donation, if it's not obvious from your email handle).


2 responses so far

  • KK PhD says:

    OMG. these are so great.

    ..said the scientist/engineer and blogger who happens to have lady parts.

  • eteokretan says:

    These are brilliant. I'm not a scientist, but I've been following the Maestripieri story and stories about women in STEM fields generally.

    And most of the bingo card applies to other feminist blogging as well. Just this morning I got an "I feel sorry for you" comment on one of my posts. Yeah, right, I'm sure he does.