"Adventures in Ethics and Science" is the blog where I muse on responsible conduct of scientific research, communication between scientists and non-scientists about the issues that matter to both camps, and teaching science and ethics. I know at times it seems like most of the discussion is about irresponsible conduct, miscommunication, and teaching that doesn't get the job done. I criticize because I know we can do better.

My opinions about these issues are informed by my training as a philosopher of science, but even more by my training as a scientist. (I earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry, but I've also worked in labs with biomedical emphases.) You know, the crucible of graduate school, yadda yadda. It goes without saying that the opinions I express here are not necessarily those of Scientopia or of San Jose State University.

Janet D. Stemwedel (whose nom de blog is Dr. Free-Ride) is an associate professor of philosophy at San Jose State University, where her teaching and research focus on philosophy of science and the ethical conduct of science. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her better half, two children, and a white rabbit named Snowflake Free-Ride (aka Notorious B.U.N.). She is ill at ease discussing herself in the third person.

Email me at dr.freeride@gmail.com.

The "Adventures in Ethics and Science" banner, and the character depicted in it, were created by P.D. Magnus. He owns the copyright on the graphic; I am using it with his kind permission.

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