Critical notice

Janet Stemwedel is a cross between your favorite science teacher in high school, your best friend in college and the girl next door who just happens to have an IQ of a million and eight, but for some reason you aren't intimidated by her.

-- Betsy Muse @ BlueNC

* * * * *

[S]he covers issues regarding scientific practice that are interesting, significant, and rarely discussed elsewhere

--John Timmer, interviewed @ A Blog Around the Clock

* * * * *

I want to be like Janet D. Stemwedel when I grow up.

She has an amazing ability to think clearly and it's combined with an equally amazing ability to get her clear thoughts down on paper (or monitors). She is one of the reasons why I like all most some philosophers.

-- Larry Moran @ Sandwalk

* * * * *

This is why you keep professional philosophers around--the good ones cut right to the heart of the matter.

-- Mike the Mad Biologist

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